Bear Naked and Stretch Island Fruit Co {review}

I recently got a package with some awesomeness…

First off – I got to try a lot of flavors of this Stetch Island Fruit Co.  fruit leather I mentioned earlier. I only go to try raspberry flavor before and now I can vouch for the taste of the rest of these. I like them all! They are less than 50 calories each and they provide you with just the right amount of sweetness without none of the artificial junk that comes with fruit roll ups or other commercial fruit leathers. There is no added sugars (because fruit as sweet as they are, duh!) or artificial gunk, therefore these are 100% all natural. They also contain half a serving of fruit in each.

I’ve only tried Bear Naked granola once before. They were giving out small sample packs of the granola at my old gym. I loved the taste of this granola, it was yummy – so I was excited to try more products from this company. Bear Naked is today’s leading adventure food and lifestyle company and it offers a full line of all-natural granolas, cookies, cereals and trail mixes. Launched in 2002, the company is passionate about creating great-tasting, natural foods to fit today’s active, on-the-go lifestyle and is best known for its signature soft-baked granola made from 100% Pure and Natural ingredients.

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Happy Chocolate Day & Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies Review

Happy National Chocolate Day! Such a lovely day to celebrate… Here are some of the chocolate recipes I’ve done in the past:

Check out all of my chocolate recipes here! I use chocolate a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Yes, I am a huge fan of chocolate.

And thank you for continuing with the entries for my Arctic Zero giveaway. If you win that one, your freezer will welcome 8 pints and 8 bars of this delicious low calorie and high protein frozen dessert. Pictured above is the chocolate peanut butter Arctic Zero flavor topped with two Enjoy Life’s double chocolate crunch cookies. Which are the topic of today’s post. Well not those specific cookies but just the crunch cookies in general.

I got to try out Enjoy Life Foods crunchy cookies. Truth be told, I haven’t had cookies in a long time. Not the packaged kind. If I’m to have cookies, I’ll bake them myself or I’ll go for ones that are freshly baked in a bakery or whatever. Which isn’t often anyway. It used to be often, but I’ve tamed myself when it comes to processed and packaged foods. However, these cookies don’t necessarily make me concerned or guilty when eating them (as opposed to bakery goods or other store bought goods).

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Oatmeal-Raisin Breakfast Cookies

Time to get into the vegan mindset. I am doing a vegan challenge starting Monday and I am therefore prepping myself up for it. I have already finished my greek yogurt and I’m gonna have the last of my egg whites tomorrow.

I’ve been looking for different recipes to use during the vegan week. Am I completely prepared? No. But that’s okay. I’m excited to start! I decided to make some quick breakfasts ready and what better way to start your day than with a cookie? Exactly. Such a perfect decision. Especially when that cookie is also low calorie!

I love me a healthy cookie!

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Surprise Cookies

I was craving all kinds of things yesterday. Literally, I went from wanting a sandwich to wanting fruit to wanting chocolate. And I got stuck on the chocolate craving. I hate those days, I really don’t know how to control them, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with me also being unmotivated and bored. Every time I have nothing to do, I get cravings. That might be the culprit. Ehh. Well then that’s why today is a cheat day, so I can get this out of my system. Even the chocolate pudding I made yesterday wasn’t cutting it, I needed some junk in my system and I needed it fast. Such a sad thing to admit.

In my head, though, I had an excuse. Pretty good one, actually. I worked out twice yesterday. When I woke up I did Chalean Extreme Burn circuit 3 which consists of weight training. Then an hour and a half later I went to my gym for an awesome Zumba class. I think I deserved to be cut a break today for all the hard work I put in yesterday. Plus, today is not a rest day so more calorie burning was in store for me with Chalean’s Burn it Off cardio circuit and a yoga strength workout (already happened, I do my workouts right as I wake up). I probably won’t do a second workout today since we’re having a pizza night (Giordano’s for the first time!) tonight. Wow, this post is making me sound like a total fattie haha. Oh well, to live and let live. Or.. I don’t know if that quote applies here, but I just wanted to say it. Live life to the fullest. Yeah, that works better.

So these cookies came out awesome. At first I was going to healthify them but then I thought “screw it.” Also, I want to get rid of all of the AP flour, regular sugar, and butter I bought because I want to start making more GF, vegan and less processed desserts and baked goods. So that’s a good reason, right? I don’t have room to buy all the flours I need and besides, if I do that, I won’t even end up using the AP anymore and it’ll go to waste. So yeah, little by little, I will get to using all of it and switching to mostly GF baking. With time. I’m not even leading a GF lifestyle but I just really want to be healthier and mostly GF seems like a good way to go. Might as well incorporate that into my own life as much as I can. In a reasonable and realistic way, of course. I am lucky enough to not HAVE to do it, but why not treat my body well if it’s been treating me well all my life, right? I don’t know if that makes sense, but it makes sense it my head.

For the frosting, I used the chocolate avocado banana pudding I made yesterday which worked perfectly because it toned down the cookies’ sweetness. Without the frosting, the cookies reminded my roommate, Meredith, more of a brownie. However, put the chocolate pudding frosting on top of the cookie and BAM, now it tastes more like a cream pie cookie, perfect sweetness level but also very filling and satisfying. My other roommate, Ashley, thought it reminded her of a poptart. Interesting perspectives! Both obviously delicious haha. But yeah, the cookie & the pudding frosting-  I definitely recommend using the combination together. The banana flavor really comes out and creates a lovely combo with the marhsmallow chocolate cookie.

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