Foodie Pen Pals: June

The Lean Green Bean

Yay it’s my second time participating in the foodie pen pals created by the awesome Lindsay over at Lean Green Bean! I haven’t participated in last month but this month it’s back on! This month my foodie pen pal was Mary from Where’s The Zoom blog . I told Mary I wanted something healthier and that I try to watch my sugar intake and that I’m health and wellness obsessed individual. This was enough for Mary to get what to buy me, she was right on with all of her purchases and I freaking love the box!

No worries, you were right on point with all of the goodies and I have never tried any of the products you got me before so it was perfect! Such an awesome surprise, very pleasant 🙂 Here are the contents of the foodie package:

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Some info about Rooibos tea

I’ve recently been really digging the Starbucks TAZO vanilla rooibos tea. I needed a decaf tea when I went to the store and I wasn’t in the mood to get my usual Refresh. I asked what other decaf teas they had and vanilla rooibos was one of them. I decided on it. I’ve been in love ever since. This brings me to this post – I don’t know anything about Rooibos tea, so I thought it’s a perfect opportunity to learn a bit more about the tea and share what I’ve learned with you guys as well!

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Bike-in Movie at Whole Foods – The Breakfast Club

Hey guys, thank you for all your entries to my Balance Bar’s nimble bar and Quickie Chick giveaway. Today is the LAST day to enter, so hurry over there and enter now 🙂 Thanks! Winner will be announced tomorrow morning!

Unfortunately, I am not participating in my regular Wednesday post of WIAW. I didn’t realize that I forgot to record my full days’ eats until yesterday afternoon and by then it was already too late. For me, anyway. So I’m gonna share with you guys what I did last night instead! While I was at my internship, Facebooking and whatnot, I stumbled upon an event that Whole Foods in Lincoln Park was hosting: a ride-in bike movie. First of the three series and the movie of the night was The Breakfast Club. This made me happy because I still have NOT seen the movie (I know, I know) but I knew it’s about time I submerge myself in the classics. I’m usually not a big fan of older movies so I’ve been straying from watching any older classics but I thought last night that was about to change.

I asked my current and prior roommates to come with me and they excitedly agreed. I haven’t been to that Whole Foods before but it was in a neighborhood I like (lots of shopping!) so I was open to checking it out anyway. We got to the store at 8pm and were surprised to find a legit BAR! People were hanging out and drinking and eating at a freaking Whole Foods! How cool is that? Seriously, like, I was so amazed. We decided to buy some beers in the store for ourselves to drink on the roof and went upstairs, got our chairs and beers and were ready for the movie to begin.

Well, I guess what I got wouldn’t be considered beer by some, but whatever. Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider (5% alc) was freaking delicious! Meredith and I got a four pack to split. Ashley got some other crazy beer but I don’t remember the name.

Meredith and I

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What I Ate Wednesdays #5: Finals Week

Sigh, it’s that time of the semester again – finals week. Unfortunately, I am much much more unmotivated and lazy this semester than I ever have which is weird because this is also the first semester I’m only taking 4 classes. It’s really taking a lot for me to study and stay on top of things although I’m not the type of person that doesn’t do anything ever – so of course I still do what I’m supposed to. I’m an Honors student after all! It’s just not a fun time.

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