Surprise Cookies

I was craving all kinds of things yesterday. Literally, I went from wanting a sandwich to wanting fruit to wanting chocolate. And I got stuck on the chocolate craving. I hate those days, I really don’t know how to control them, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with me also being unmotivated and bored. Every time I have nothing to do, I get cravings. That might be the culprit. Ehh. Well then that’s why today is a cheat day, so I can get this out of my system. Even the chocolate pudding I made yesterday wasn’t cutting it, I needed some junk in my system and I needed it fast. Such a sad thing to admit.

In my head, though, I had an excuse. Pretty good one, actually. I worked out twice yesterday. When I woke up I did Chalean Extreme Burn circuit 3 which consists of weight training. Then an hour and a half later I went to my gym for an awesome Zumba class. I think I deserved to be cut a break today for all the hard work I put in yesterday. Plus, today is not a rest day so more calorie burning was in store for me with Chalean’s Burn it Off cardio circuit and a yoga strength workout (already happened, I do my workouts right as I wake up). I probably won’t do a second workout today since we’re having a pizza night (Giordano’s for the first time!) tonight. Wow, this post is making me sound like a total fattie haha. Oh well, to live and let live. Or.. I don’t know if that quote applies here, but I just wanted to say it. Live life to the fullest. Yeah, that works better.

So these cookies came out awesome. At first I was going to healthify them but then I thought “screw it.” Also, I want to get rid of all of the AP flour, regular sugar, and butter I bought because I want to start making more GF, vegan and less processed desserts and baked goods. So that’s a good reason, right? I don’t have room to buy all the flours I need and besides, if I do that, I won’t even end up using the AP anymore and it’ll go to waste. So yeah, little by little, I will get to using all of it and switching to mostly GF baking. With time. I’m not even leading a GF lifestyle but I just really want to be healthier and mostly GF seems like a good way to go. Might as well incorporate that into my own life as much as I can. In a reasonable and realistic way, of course. I am lucky enough to not HAVE to do it, but why not treat my body well if it’s been treating me well all my life, right? I don’t know if that makes sense, but it makes sense it my head.

For the frosting, I used the chocolate avocado banana pudding I made yesterday which worked perfectly because it toned down the cookies’ sweetness. Without the frosting, the cookies reminded my roommate, Meredith, more of a brownie. However, put the chocolate pudding frosting on top of the cookie and BAM, now it tastes more like a cream pie cookie, perfect sweetness level but also very filling and satisfying. My other roommate, Ashley, thought it reminded her of a poptart. Interesting perspectives! Both obviously delicious haha. But yeah, the cookie & the pudding frosting-  I definitely recommend using the combination together. The banana flavor really comes out and creates a lovely combo with the marhsmallow chocolate cookie.

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