Pear and Currant Bran Muffins (v)

Happy to see all the entries for the nimble/QuickieChick giveaway. Keep ’em coming! The prize is well worth it 🙂

I realize sometimes my recipes aren’t totally seasonal. This one for example would be perfect for Autumn. But you know what? I don’t care. I have dried pears and currants and I’m gonna use them no matter what the season is! And they worked out so perfect in these muffins. Delightful, I tell you.

These are perfect for breakfast or a snack. I recommend eating them with Greek yogurt or with my chocolate PB protein pudding. You know you gotta have protein at every meal, right? 😉

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Chocolate Zucchini Protein Mini Muffins

I had some zucchinis laying around and I thought I would have time to cook with them, but unfortunately, I don’t think I will. I’m leaving the city on Saturday morning because of the NATO summit. There is no way I’m gonna be anywhere near here for this – everyone is saying it’s going to be crazy. Security and police is everywhere already and secret service and FBI are stopping at random establishments to make sure everyone is ready to take on the protesters. I hope there will be no violence involved.

So yeah, I’ve made chocolate zucchini bread before and I loved the taste of it. I don’t have a loaf pan in this apartment thought and I just ran out of chocolate chips, so I went for chocolate zucchini muffins sans chocolate chips.

The second muffin is still kind of frozen, that’s why it looks weird lol

I still love making muffins and although I was going to veganize this recipe (like I have been doing lately with all my muffins), I decided against it, simply because I had egg whites that needed to be used up anyway. Might as well. So sorry, vegan friends, this one includes egg whites.

For an extra protein boost, I added protein powder. And I enjoy it smeared with almond butter. I love protein and that’s that.

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Chocolate Almond Muffins

Hey everyone, I hope everyone spent their Earth Day well. I met up with my parents and aunt and we made a visit to the Botanical Gardens. I haven’t been there in 2 years now, I think. Unfortunately, there was some event set up going on and almost all of the areas of the gardens were closed. Such a shame. I did get to snap some pictures though, so if you’d like to see some they can be found on my photo blog. Let me know what you think.. Here’s a preview.

Anyway, I’m all out of my bran apple muffins and need a new vegan breakfast that can be quick. Today marks the end of my vegan challenge but I have decided to incorporate as much veganism into my life as possible – especially limiting dairy and eating more veggies than before. While my body didn’t respond necessairly bad or good to the challenge, I found myself being more anxious than before. I have no idea if this can be contributed to the dietary change or not. I did also notice that I would not be bloated very often which was awesome.

So here is another muffin recipe for you guys to introduce into your breakfast or as a snack. Preferably with peanut butter. Everything’s better with nut butters.. mmmm.

Chocolate. Almonds.

They are low in calories and fat. And they are vegan!

They are very fluffy. Nice light snack or breakfast. Yum.

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Bran Apple Muffins

Hello to another vegan recipe that will help me get through the week. I’m planning on eating these as breakfast or snacks in between studying and writing papers. Finals are almost here, and ohh joy, am I so excited.. I have no motivation and it sucks. I’m gonna have to bust my butt tomorrow to get a lot of stuff done so I don’t have to wait till absolute last minute.

Tonight are supposed to be some crazy storms and tornados in the Midwest, I heard? Crazy… Apparently this is the second time the Weather Channel has issued a life-threatening 24 hour warning for tornados today and tomorrow. Good thing I live downtown Chicago, there won’t be any tornados here. I’m not afraid of no rain. It’ll help me write! Rain always relaxes me. But I hope no one gets hurt and I hope the weather channel is exaggerating, as they usually are.

These muffins are made with dried tart apples I’ve been dying to use in a recipe for the past few days. They are amazing by themselves but I thought they would taste even better in a baked recipe. This is a perfect breakfast on the go. Plus it’s vegan! Yay!

Also, I just wanted to say how much I love doing recipes which don’t require a use of a mixer. I much prefer to mix everything by hand. Quieter, easier, less messy. For me anyway. I don’t even have a stand mixer, I use a hand mixer when I need to mix/beat ingredients so it’s a pain. But yeah, no mixer necessary for this one! Yay!

These turned out so beautifully. Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. By themselves? Amazing. Topped with maple syrup? Amazing.

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Coconut Muffins

So here is the second thing I made with light coconut milk which thankfully also turned out well! Surprisingly though, I STILL have like half a can of coconut milk left! I already made the apple oatmeal mini muffins with light coconut milk and I was sure I would be done with it after this recipe. Although, I did only end up making 6 muffins from this one, just because I like variety and one of my roommates is allergic to nuts so she wouldn’t even be able to have any of these. I didn’t want to tempt her too much with these. If you’re into coconut, you will enjoy these muffins!

With a bit of greek yogurt, shredded coconut, and maple syrup as topping.

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Baked Muffin Egg

I had another kind of a misadventure in the kitchen, my stuff doesn’t always come out the way I expect it to, but gladly the taste is never compromised. I forgot to spray the pan before baking though and I spent a good 20 minutes scraping it afterwards. Lovely. Anyways, sometimes (okay, often) I feel like eating breakfast food later in the day. Sometimes twice in a day. I’ve even had a breakfast day once, where all I ate was breakfast food. Needless to say, I like breakfast food. It’s usually fast and easy which I like. I wanted to make this baked egg today for lunch and the result tasted just as good as I expected it to. It’s my first time baking eggs (I usually just fry them) but I am really enjoying my learning in the kitchen and always look forward to finding new cooking techniques. I learn on my own mistakes too and I’m sure next time I won’t make the mistake of not spraying the pan before cooking 🙂 Typical newbie error.

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