The Mental Nature of “Fat” Days

Hey guys, today is a very spontaneous post which was inspired by Lisa’s post about “Fat” days. I wanted to piggy back on what she talked about in her post because I agree with her thoughts on the matter and I had some thoughts to contribute as well.

A little background, Lisa is a beautiful lady blogger over at Lisa Lately and she blogs about food, health, fitness, etc. She is Canadian and has a huge love for oat bran and spaghetti squash, both of which I tried thanks to her encouragement and making it look just so darn yummy. Anyway, Lisa talked about “fat” days in today’s post. She talked about a well-known feeling to most women; one that ofte comes when we wake up tired and groggy, which doesn’t set the right tone for our days. On those days we are likely to pass a mirror and take glimpses of ourselves and unwelcoming negative thoughts might creep into our heads. “Wow, I look so fat.” This a feeling I know all too well. Here is an excerpt from Lisa’s post about her thoughts on “fat” days:

“Feeling fat” is a common phrase among plenty of women. Fat is not a feeling. There are many emotions we may be experiencing when these days happen. Perhaps you are stressed at work, tired, angry, or upset. Which in turn can make you perceive things negatively, including your body. Fat is not something you are able to feel.When this happens, it’s important to take a step back. These days aren’t about your looks or size. Realize that this uncomfortable feeling is coming from an underlying issue.”

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Our perception of attractiveness is manipulated

Oh, society. The pressure you put on us. Women, men, children – we are all pressured to be a certain way, to act in a certain manner, to say the proper things, and to feel ashamed and guilty when we don’t comply. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in – bound by expectations and disappointments.. or is it? While we are lead to believe that this is true, over the last couple of months when I was starting out my blog, I am seeing more and more clearly how much of this is actually bullshit. The world is lead by manipulation by the media. And I don’t mean it by an entirely negative sense, because it can be liberating to see this as what is happening. Of course, this is my opinion and you might disagree.

Everyday, we are faced with images of beautiful thin women on advertisements and on TV and lean muscular male sex gods – we are told what to see as beautiful and sexy. I’ve been noticing how much we are truly influenced by the media into seeing what is “sexy” and attractive at the moment. Magazines and Entertainment TV always has phases for different “hot” celebrities. But truth is, many of these celebrities don’t look all that amazing or sexy. I mean, I’ve seen better looking people in the bars in Chicago. Then next month, again, the media puts their focus on another star and promote the hell out of him/her and they tell us how sexy that person is, how amazing this person is, how attractive they are, and (key note) they tell us how everyone is crazy for them. As social creatures, we lead by example; human beings are made to mimic others, to model others’ behaviors. When we learn that everyone is going crazy bananas for this one person because they apparently are so “sexy” and desirable, we are inclined to think that way too. Even when, in reality, not many people think that person is all that sexy. At least not yet. But through all of the manipulation and encouragement and influence from the media, we begin to oblige – why yes, that person IS pretty attractive after all, huh? After all, we’ve seen them for how many weeks now since that person is all the media has been talking about lately. Eventually, we will definitely think of the person more positively and be more inclined to think of them as attractive. Surely, not everyone will jump on the bandwagon, but a large majority of people will, simply because they are told to do so.

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10 Goals for July & ABC of Happiness

First and foremost, I am ashamed to admit I’ve never been a huge goal maker. I know that writing goals down, and making them SMART is the key to success and to staying on track. I don’t know why I’ve never been much of a goal maker person when I already know how beneficial it can be. It holds you accountable and puts your mind in check. When you make distinct goals and write them down, you are most likely to achieve them by some large percent. I see it in study after study mentioned on various newsletters and health magazines I read. So why haven’t I been making SMART written goals for myself? I think I’m scared. Actually, yes, I am scared. I’m afraid of making it so official. I have no idea why, but I am pretty sure this feeling is fear. I have to get over it though. I’ve been making goals in my head, which aren’t necessarily specific enough, and I never end up achieving them. I forget about what the goal was. I don’t feel accountable and don’t feel pressured to achieve those goals. I’d make a goal to lose 5 lbs and never achieve it, until 3 months later I’m wondering “why have I only lost 2 lbs?” well lady, probably because you haven’t written your goals down and kept slipping up with the diet. Truth.

Since I’ve started making mental goals, I haven’t really done much to achieve them. I always tell myself to take it easy, that there’s no rush, but then I get in a slump and I feel bad for myself and feel depressive because I am still where I was and haven’t achieved any of the mental goals I have set for myself. I know it’s because I forget about them until it’s farther down the line and that’s why none of those goals can be mentally checked off yet still. So this month, I’m going to do it differently. And believe me when I say this — I am literally terrified of making these goals visible and written out. So official. Set in stone. I’m scared. I’m scared I will fail and feel horrible about myself. But this is what I need to do in order to continue moving forward. Although I have gone far in my healthy living journey, there is a lot of room for improvement, specifically in the portion control department and eating more balanced meals. I’ve been on a sugar rush (natural, mind you) and I think I’ve gotten a little addicted to sugar in the last few weeks. As you might have noticed from my WIAW posts, most of the foods I have been eating were sweet – full of fruit, yogurt, etc. I have a very minimal amount of added sugars however it’s still too many to be able to be considered healthy. I have to balance the sweetness out with more savory foods.

So that was a very long introduction to the main point of the post. I was influenced to write these by the way, because of Yellow Haired Girl, who has been setting goals for herself and I found it to be an awesome practice that I wanted to borrow. 🙂 So thanks, girly!  Here are my written out, SMART goals for the month of July:

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Losing control because of trigger foods


I lost control a little bit. I fell off the wagon the past two days pretty bad. I overate yesterday and today by a lot, unfortunately. While it’s not as bad as I used to have it, it’s still not pleasant and disappointing. However, I am not disappointed in myself as much as I used to be. I am only human. I have to remember that I am in control of my life and my habits.


I figured out what My current trigger food is that led me to fall off: nut butter and honey. The combination together actually. Of course, sugar. Of course. Which just shows me how good of an idea it is to try to reduce sugar intake as much as possible from my life. While it might be hard, I can clearly see sugar is the culprit behind my failures and the temptation. I feel like once I have that combo, everything else falls out the window. I don’t know if it’s because it tastes so freaking good or if it’s because it’s so much sugar but it does it for me. It’s been hard to be in control ever since that first bite yesterday.

I’ve messed up countless times in my life but I can see the reason behind it. I think writing about it will help me regain control. I hope so. I will always appreciate any tips about regaining control from you guys too! This is what I always struggle with the most. Its not saying no to bad foods. It’s when I eat the wrong thing and it causes a small loss of control, the difficulty is always at the point where I regain back the control I lost and reset my mind back to thinking about all healthy and smart and portions.


PS. I was searching some inspiration for staying fit and on track and stumbled upon some pro ana blogs. Really sad. It really makes me sad to see these girls posting their daily food diaries in which they burn more calories than they eat. One girl’s calorie deficit was -1950. Crazy. I feel sad and I hope they get help 😦 I would not want to ever be in that situation and I feel for everyone who has had to go through that, I know it’s very common. While I have had an ED-NOS it’s not as extreme as anorexia or bulimia.