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Marvelous in my Monday #3 + Beachbody ChaLean Extreme Review

Hello friends, happy marvelous Monday to you all! Thank you for the beautiful Katie for hosting MIMM 🙂

It’s marvelous to have been catching up with my friends I haven’t talked to in a while. I saw a lot of friends over the past few weeks that I’ve missed and I’m happy that this summer is proving to be super fun, eventful, and beautiful (in terms of weather). This weeke was also Pride Week 2012 and my friend and I went over to the Boystown neighborhood in Chicago to support our gay friends. We didn’t stay at the parade long and went straight to Wrigleyville for some day partying which I’ve missed so much.

This song is marvelous and I’ve been lovin’ it the past 2 months and I’m still not over it. I absolutely suck at genre-naming but I guess I’ve totally shifted towards the whole chill indie music over the past year. I used to listen to house all the time and now the only time I really listen to house is when I’m working at the club. On my own, I’m like this chill machine that listens to the calmest music. Strangely, Jango thinks that City and Colour is similar to some crazy rock songs and my City and Colour station is randomly intertwined with screamo, crazy indie hip hop, and then chill indie. It’s one confusing station. I have to click the thumbs down button quite a bit when I listen to it, haha.

Another marvelous thing that has happened recently is that I’ve completed the ChaLEAN Extreme programSo I think it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about how marvelous this program was and what my overall opinions of it were. Personally, I loved this program. I love Chalean Johnson – she rocks! She is very motivational and not throughout the whole 5 months was she annoying or boring. Never have I thought to myself “Oh God, Chelean, just SHUT UP already.” Nope. Which says a lot considering she’s been the first person I’d see every day (almost) for the past 5 months.

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Pudding Filling and Chocolate Frosting (low calorie!)

Happy Father’s Day!

My dad is a huge fan of cream-based desserts. He loves all of those creamy fattening desserts such as eclairs, but is a sucker for Wuzetka, which is a Polish cake that has chocolate cake layers on top and bottom and in the middle it’s a very thick cream. He always buys that cake when they go grocery shopping in Polish deli stores. My mom hatess it. The cake is so fattening and it doesn’t really even taste all that good when it’s made in a store anyway. The way we remember it, from Poland, was much much better. Especially when it’s homemade.

Well I totally went off track. I’m not even making this cake for Father’s day. I don’t think my culinary experience is high enough to tackle this just yet. One day though, I might. A healthier version, of course. So for today, the cupcakes I made (of course it’s cupcakes, of course, haha) were inspired by Wuzetka.

It’s a deep chocolate cupcake with a homemade vanilla pudding filling and a chocolate frosting. While this dessert looks and tastes completely sinful, it really isn’t! Healthy chocolate frosting tastes just as good as the butter laden one, if not better, and it definitely makes you feel better about eating it guitlessly. The delicious creamy pudding filling is a wonderful contrast to the deep chocolatey cupcake. The outcome is simply wonderful.

Not one person could tell this cupcake had such incredible stats. A cupcake that has 4g of sugar? And only 120 calories for such an amazingly sinful-tasting treat! How’s that for “indulge without the bulge”?!

Now this is my take on a cream dessert – make cupcakes, and make them healthy 🙂

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KLUTCHclub Box Review

I recently received a sample KLUTCHclub box that they had for the month of April, which they titled “Spring clean your body.” In this box, I’ve received a bunch of fun stuff. But before we get into the contents, let’s introduce KLUTCHclub:

KLUTCHclub is committed to bringing their customers the best health, wellness, and fitness products and services right to their door. Every month you subscribe, you’ll receive a hand-picked selection of exciting products from new and trusted brands that will help you lead a healthy and balanced life, in a convenient way.” 

I thought the idea is great. It is similar to NatureBox with its subscription-based monthly box shipping, except this one focuses on the whole genre of health, wellness, AND fitness. In this box (April) I received 9 products:

  • Kristin McGee’s Power Yoga DVD (Funny, I’ve actually been looking for a new yoga video to add to my collection, so that’s a good thought. I tried it that same night and wasn’t a huge fan- I’m sure someone who doesn’t actually do much yoga would like it, but I prefer a more calming yoga session)
  • $25 gift card to Yoga Hyde online yoga clothing store
  • Hydrive, a new naturally-flavored energy drink mix with zero calories. (unfortunately, I was unable to try this one because I can’t have so much caffeine)
  • Zico, a wonderful pure premium coconut water (I love using coconut water as it’s been said that it does a better job at hydrating the body and replenishing the body’s electrolytes than water. And it’s MUCH healthier than Gatorade. Pssst, perfect for a hangover)
  • Tea Forte, three samples of various flavored green teas including cherry marzipan, honey yuzu, and cucumber mint. (You guys already know how obsessed I am with tea, right?)
  • KIND bar all natural nut delights bar (I love energy bars)
  • Enjoy Life Foods’ No Nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix
  • Enjoy Life Foods’ Plentils chips in garlic & parmesan flavor (these were really good! They tasted like regular potato chips. Delicious flavor. Hard to believe the whole package was only 100 calories)
  • Barlean’s Organic Oils liquid Omega-3 oil (My favorite Fish Oil company, this oil actually tastes good too! I’ve never used it in a liquid form but I’m always open to trying stuff in new ways)
  • Shea Terra Organics’ Rose Hip Black Soap deep pore facial cleanser
Quite an awesome variety of products if you ask me. For less than $18 a month(per box, depending on how many months subscription you purchase, price goes down the more months you buy) you can receive over $50 worth of samples and products right to your door. Convenience at its finest. Not only are all of the products featured of high quality, they are also relevant to the health, wellness, and fitness genre and can be seen as a nice reward for all of the hard work we put in for our bodies. Reward ourselves with more doing good for the body! 🙂
You are welcome to like KLUTCHclub on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Our trip to Central Illinois and Amish Country

My parents and I made a short trip to Central-South Illinois to visit the Amish country there and have ourselves a little getaway from the city and suburbs. When I said I wanted to go to see the Amish country, my mom got really excited – she apparently already even had some info collected about the town of Arthur, IL and we were set to go. My dad just wanted to go somewhere, anywhere, so he was just as happy to make the trip.

Our trip to the cabin lasted about 3-4 hours. It was a longer trip than I expected. On our way there, we stopped at the first Amish looking town of Arcola, IL. While the town sign said that it contains the largest Amish settlement, we honestly did not see any Amish people here at all. We weren’t also entirely sure of what to look for or what to expect. But people had cars and everything, so we didn’t know if maybe our perception of the Amish was skewed and they actually are more modernized by now than we thought. We started our trip on Sunday so a lot of establishments were closed. We did make a visit to one of the antique shops though. It was interesting.

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Nimble energy bars Review and Nimble/QuickieChick Giftbag {Giveaway} CLOSED

Today I have something totally awesome to talk about with you guys. I recently received a fun little package… we all know how much I love Balance Bar already from my previous review of their Balance Bare bar and the s’mores bar in my Energy Bar Wars post. Today I’m here to talk about yet another product by Balance Bar – Nimble bars!

This time, Balance Bar team created a bar specifically targeted towards women. Aside from following their 40-30-30 energy formula, they have also added nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to a woman’s health and beauty. Additionally, the bar is only 120 calories and is the first bar to be sweetened with Truvia rebiana (as well as brown rice syrup and a small amount of regular sugar – it is second to last on the list though which is pretty good!)

“Fortified with rich antioxidants, beta-carotene and 10mg of FloraGLO® Lutein, nimble provides vital nutrients for healthy skin and seven critical ingredients for women’s bodies: protein (10g); fiber (5g); calcium; iron; folate; and vitamins D and B6. Nimble contains the 40-30-30 ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat that can help stabilize blood sugar, reduce inflammation, steady your mood and improve energy. Nimble comes in 1.16 ounce single-serve bars and is certified Kosher.”

Flavor wise, I freaking love these bars. I knew I would. The other Balance Bars I have tried were a hit and I didn’t expect anything less than amazing – I was not surprised with the satisfaction the bar delivered for my taste buds. Needless to say, I’m super excited to have been introduced to these lower-calorie women-friendly bars.

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What I Ate Wednesdays #2

Isn’t my dog cute? Her name is Cookie. She’s adorable. Anyway! Back to the WIAW post…

My second time doing WIAW! Yay. I have to say it really does help. It makes me even more conscious of the food I put into my mouth. Not only thinking about calories but actually documenting and seeing the food you eat is helpful. So yeah. Although the WIAW I did was for Monday, I wanted to share with you some food I ate on Easter Sunday. I was at first going to document the whole Sunday but decided against it later on… well actually I simply forgot about taking pictures of food after like 3pm. Plus there wasn’t a whole lot of veggies going on.. So yeah…

Here goes!

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Versatile Blogger Award

Wow, so I totally typed this whollllleeee thing and it took me like 20 minutes to type and I clicked publish but for some odd reason, it didn’t and the draft is gone. So that’s awesome. But ANYWAY, back to this. This is freaking awesome. I did not expect to be nominated and definitely not so early in my blogging “career.” I am thrilled and shocked, but pleasantly so. Thank you so much to Peter Block over at Feed Your Soul for nominating me. I am indeed trying to do it all, and I am thankful you noticed. Peter also has a lot of food porn going on at his blog so you should definitely check it out.

Here are the blogs I’m nominating…

I’m sure all of them have already been nominated for this numerous times and that’s okay. I want them all to know they are awesome and I always look forward to their new posts. In no particular order:

  • Over at Cooking-Spree, the blog is beautiful. There is a slideshow of all of the deliciousness you are about to encounter and taste if you decide to make anything. Spree is “putting love on the table,” and I want to sit by that table.
  • Cravings Gone Clean is a wonderful blog because it features all of the yummy desserts and I no longer have to feel guilty about looking. They are all made with natural ingredients which make for a more nutritious dessert. So much yumminess. So little time.
  • I am all about organic and Deliciously Organic is too! Which is why she also on this list. I am glad I found her blog, she has a lot of wonderful recipes and they are all organic! Plus the design and layout of the blog makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Eat, Play, Love is one of the first blogs I found when I started my blog journey. She makes me excited and look forward to the future when I have children of my own one day. Her blog is full of fun photos of her family and their adventures in the kitchen.
  • I also follow Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. Although I am not a vegan, I like to incorporate all kinds of food into my diet and her vegan recipes are no different. I am always into anything that is healthy and while I don’t have much experience with veganism, I always check her blog for inspirations and stuff I could make too.
  • Frugal Feeding is a blog we should all be subscribed to if we are on a budget. Not only does his food look amazing, it is all done in a “frugalista” fashion which is something I love, being a college student and all.
  • More food porn over at Healthy Delicious. However, not only is the food on her blog delicious, it is also healthy! Two great things in one title. Could this get any better?
  • Healthy Kitschy Vegan started out as a food blog and recently turned into a more fitness route, which is okay with me. You can never know too many fitness tips!
  • A poetic food blog at Just a Smidgen is gorgeous to look at and not just because of the food – the blog itself makes me think of summer, weddings, and France (?). Basically, everything that is beautiful.
  • I like following Love, Sweat, and Beers because she works hard and I always look forward to her posts of what she ate and what she’s up to. She seems like an awesome person.
  • Natural Noshing is a wonderful natural food blog. Lots of delicious food photography and natural healthy recipes. The title is awesomely clever and it’s hard to forget. Worth checking out!
  • I have pinned so many things from Naturally Ella, it’s ridiculous. But all of her stuff looks just so good!
  • Similarly to above, The Healthy Foodie is another blog I can’t stop looking at for hours at a time. Too many great recipes, I just want to do them all.
  • A great inspiring blog, The Lean Green Bean. She posts about healthy food options but also about leading a healthy and active life.
  • The Craving Chronicles are amazing. The photography is top-notch and inspires me to get better at my own craft. Plus it all must taste crazy good!

Now, here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I was born and raised in Poland and came here when I was 13 going on 14.
  2. Kids made fun of my accent in school so I worked very hard at leaving it behind. Today, I have a slight accent but most people can’t tell I wasn’t even born here.
  3. I started blogging very recently and I actually only recently started being interested in cooking and baking.
  4. My mom would always try to convince me to bake stuff, she would say she started when she was so young and she can’t understand why I won’t do the same. I always just brushed her off saying “It’s just not for me.”
  5. I followed the Blood Type Diet for one year, but being a blood type B, there are just too many things I can’t eat, such as tomatoes and pumpkin. I try to keep those limited even now but I don’t treat them as off-limits (although I should). I still don’t eat chicken since it was one of the red flags.
  6. I haven’t been eating chicken for 2 years now.
  7. I was a vegetarian for 6 months in the beginning of freshman year of college.


Here’s the official “rules” I’m to repost for those of you I’ve named herein {I assume only if you’ve NOT been nominated before}:
  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. 
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. 
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. 
There are also a few add-on rules:
  • In the same post, include this set of rules. 
  • Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs
So, what is the Versatile Blogger Award?  ”It is a great way to introduce different bloggers to each other and to promote quality blogs that awardees and their readers may not have discovered otherwise.”


Hello all! Brand new blog. I like following blogs and thought it’s time I make my own that actually has to do with life rather than photography. This one is more relevant to other people that are in similar situations as me. Not like I’m in any particular situation… but I want to start blogging about life. So let me introduce myself really fast:

You can call me Kammie. My real name is Kamila, but many people can’t seem to pronounce it for some odd reason. It’s not that hard. But then that’s why I prefer shortened versions of my name. Kammie or Kam works 🙂 I am currently 22 and living downtown Chicago. I am a third year undergraduate student double-majoring in Psychology and Advertising (creative). I am also an Honors student. Yeah, I like to brag. I think I have this right, it’s not easy being a nerd in such a busy world today :P. I am also a freelance photographer specializing in portraiture, conceptual, glamour, boudoir, and events.

My mom is a total health freak and her obsession has turned me into one before I left home also. I have lived according to the Blood Type Diet and many many other diets before. Currently, I am focused on just simple healthy living with some splurges on the side so I don’t go crazy. I like to keep my food simple and healthy – I am a proponent for organic and natural foods. I love fruits and veggies. I am also a sucker for pastries and baked goods. I’m not big at cooking but I like to make simple recipes and I am excited to learn to bake! So since I live downtown and I am already in my 20s, I am also trying to update my wardrobe and style to keep my age in check – I am slowly trying to stay more fashionable and sophisticated rather than simply comfy. It’s a hard switch but it’s gotta get done.

So that’s basically me! 🙂 Hello!