Coconut Brownie for One (vegan/low cal/low fat)

As a girl living on her own, without a family to feed, I’ve come to really appreciate single serve desserts. One, I don’t have to make a whole bunch of whatever it is I’m craving and then feel obligated to overeat because I don’t want it to go to waste. Two, in case the recipe doesn’t work, I don’t feel bad because I didn’t waste a whole lot of ingredients. And three, I don’t have to share 😉
I’ve come to love coconut flour for its flavor. I’ve been craving something coconut-y… but I also wanted to use some more Arctic Zero as a topping. A combination of ice cream and cake is perfect. Obviously.
You would never guess this beautiful dessert is healthy. And the whole thing (WITH the ice cream) is under 250 calories. That’s the beauty of healthy baking. And the beauty of Arctic Zero ice cream which you can try to win if you enter in my giveaway. It’s worth it.

Coconut Orange Date Balls

Every since I started this blog, I have been trying new things even more frequently. I always liked trying new things but those new experiences usually happened in restaurants or at events. I am finally starting new things in the kitchen. New ingredients, new products, new recipes. I’m really loving it! I can’t say I feel like a housewife just yet, but I am definitely enjoying my time in the kitchen much more than I used to. I am really enjoying taking time in creating deliciousness and having other people say that they actually like them! It warms my heart.

I bought a bunch of dates a week or two ago because of all the wonderful recipes I have been finding that call for dates. As soon as I bought them, however, I realized I didn’t save any of these awesome recipes. The search begun. I found some pretty cool recipes and mainly it was for these date balls. I thought, why not? I have never even tried dates before so why not just make pretty coconut coated balls out of them? I also had some oranges in stock so why not add those into the mix? How many flavors can you combine? Ha!

So this was my first time trying dates. I don’t know how they taste like by themselves. They are not the most attractive looking fruit so I wanted to wait till they were in a prettier shape.

What did I think of the result?

It was fantastic. Really. I was actually really surprised how super sweet these turned out without even adding any sugar!

Actually, for my own taste buds, these are a little bit too sweet. But my taste buds like stuff much less sweet than any of my friends soo yeah. But wow. These actually reminded me of caramel for some reason? They are super chewy and delicious. Such a wonderful raw treat!

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Coconut Muffins

So here is the second thing I made with light coconut milk which thankfully also turned out well! Surprisingly though, I STILL have like half a can of coconut milk left! I already made the apple oatmeal mini muffins with light coconut milk and I was sure I would be done with it after this recipe. Although, I did only end up making 6 muffins from this one, just because I like variety and one of my roommates is allergic to nuts so she wouldn’t even be able to have any of these. I didn’t want to tempt her too much with these. If you’re into coconut, you will enjoy these muffins!

With a bit of greek yogurt, shredded coconut, and maple syrup as topping.

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