Marvelous in my Monday #3 + Beachbody ChaLean Extreme Review

Hello friends, happy marvelous Monday to you all! Thank you for the beautiful Katie for hosting MIMM 🙂

It’s marvelous to have been catching up with my friends I haven’t talked to in a while. I saw a lot of friends over the past few weeks that I’ve missed and I’m happy that this summer is proving to be super fun, eventful, and beautiful (in terms of weather). This weeke was also Pride Week 2012 and my friend and I went over to the Boystown neighborhood in Chicago to support our gay friends. We didn’t stay at the parade long and went straight to Wrigleyville for some day partying which I’ve missed so much.

This song is marvelous and I’ve been lovin’ it the past 2 months and I’m still not over it. I absolutely suck at genre-naming but I guess I’ve totally shifted towards the whole chill indie music over the past year. I used to listen to house all the time and now the only time I really listen to house is when I’m working at the club. On my own, I’m like this chill machine that listens to the calmest music. Strangely, Jango thinks that City and Colour is similar to some crazy rock songs and my City and Colour station is randomly intertwined with screamo, crazy indie hip hop, and then chill indie. It’s one confusing station. I have to click the thumbs down button quite a bit when I listen to it, haha.

Another marvelous thing that has happened recently is that I’ve completed the ChaLEAN Extreme program! So I think it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about how marvelous this program was and what my overall opinions of it were. Personally, I loved this program. I love Chalean Johnson – she rocks! She is very motivational and not throughout the whole 5 months was she annoying or boring. Never have I thought to myself “Oh God, Chelean, just SHUT UP already.” Nope. Which says a lot considering she’s been the first person I’d see every day (almost) for the past 5 months.

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Enjoy Life Chocolate Products review

I just seem to have awesome luck, or maybe it’s just good timing? As soon as I ran out of chocolate chips the other day, I get a package from Enjoy Life with these semi-sweet chocolate mega chunks and double chocolate crunch granola. I love good timing!

All Enjoy Life products are gluten free and allergy friendly. I really like companies that are committed to helping people lead healthier lives without sacrificing flavor and quality. Enjoy Life is one of those companies. All of their products contain NO: wheat, dairy, nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish and most are free of potatoes, sesame, sulfites, and casein. In addition to the allergen info, the products contain no artificial ingredients, no GMO ingredients, nor trans fats. Love these stats. We all know I’m more and more of a health freak as I get older and I spend a lot of time searching for the right products, it’s nice to find companies which are totally and entirely dedicated to healthy lifestyles.

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KLUTCHclub Box Review

I recently received a sample KLUTCHclub box that they had for the month of April, which they titled “Spring clean your body.” In this box, I’ve received a bunch of fun stuff. But before we get into the contents, let’s introduce KLUTCHclub:

KLUTCHclub is committed to bringing their customers the best health, wellness, and fitness products and services right to their door. Every month you subscribe, you’ll receive a hand-picked selection of exciting products from new and trusted brands that will help you lead a healthy and balanced life, in a convenient way.” 

I thought the idea is great. It is similar to NatureBox with its subscription-based monthly box shipping, except this one focuses on the whole genre of health, wellness, AND fitness. In this box (April) I received 9 products:

  • Kristin McGee’s Power Yoga DVD (Funny, I’ve actually been looking for a new yoga video to add to my collection, so that’s a good thought. I tried it that same night and wasn’t a huge fan- I’m sure someone who doesn’t actually do much yoga would like it, but I prefer a more calming yoga session)
  • $25 gift card to Yoga Hyde online yoga clothing store
  • Hydrive, a new naturally-flavored energy drink mix with zero calories. (unfortunately, I was unable to try this one because I can’t have so much caffeine)
  • Zico, a wonderful pure premium coconut water (I love using coconut water as it’s been said that it does a better job at hydrating the body and replenishing the body’s electrolytes than water. And it’s MUCH healthier than Gatorade. Pssst, perfect for a hangover)
  • Tea Forte, three samples of various flavored green teas including cherry marzipan, honey yuzu, and cucumber mint. (You guys already know how obsessed I am with tea, right?)
  • KIND bar all natural nut delights bar (I love energy bars)
  • Enjoy Life Foods’ No Nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix
  • Enjoy Life Foods’ Plentils chips in garlic & parmesan flavor (these were really good! They tasted like regular potato chips. Delicious flavor. Hard to believe the whole package was only 100 calories)
  • Barlean’s Organic Oils liquid Omega-3 oil (My favorite Fish Oil company, this oil actually tastes good too! I’ve never used it in a liquid form but I’m always open to trying stuff in new ways)
  • Shea Terra Organics’ Rose Hip Black Soap deep pore facial cleanser
Quite an awesome variety of products if you ask me. For less than $18 a month(per box, depending on how many months subscription you purchase, price goes down the more months you buy) you can receive over $50 worth of samples and products right to your door. Convenience at its finest. Not only are all of the products featured of high quality, they are also relevant to the health, wellness, and fitness genre and can be seen as a nice reward for all of the hard work we put in for our bodies. Reward ourselves with more doing good for the body! 🙂
You are welcome to like KLUTCHclub on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Nimble energy bars Review and Nimble/QuickieChick Giftbag {Giveaway} CLOSED

Today I have something totally awesome to talk about with you guys. I recently received a fun little package… we all know how much I love Balance Bar already from my previous review of their Balance Bare bar and the s’mores bar in my Energy Bar Wars post. Today I’m here to talk about yet another product by Balance Bar – Nimble bars!

This time, Balance Bar team created a bar specifically targeted towards women. Aside from following their 40-30-30 energy formula, they have also added nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to a woman’s health and beauty. Additionally, the bar is only 120 calories and is the first bar to be sweetened with Truvia rebiana (as well as brown rice syrup and a small amount of regular sugar – it is second to last on the list though which is pretty good!)

“Fortified with rich antioxidants, beta-carotene and 10mg of FloraGLO® Lutein, nimble provides vital nutrients for healthy skin and seven critical ingredients for women’s bodies: protein (10g); fiber (5g); calcium; iron; folate; and vitamins D and B6. Nimble contains the 40-30-30 ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat that can help stabilize blood sugar, reduce inflammation, steady your mood and improve energy. Nimble comes in 1.16 ounce single-serve bars and is certified Kosher.”

Flavor wise, I freaking love these bars. I knew I would. The other Balance Bars I have tried were a hit and I didn’t expect anything less than amazing – I was not surprised with the satisfaction the bar delivered for my taste buds. Needless to say, I’m super excited to have been introduced to these lower-calorie women-friendly bars.

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My reinforcement for clean eating + Balance Bar BARE Review

Why did I decide to eat more wholesome foods? Why did I decide to eat clean more? The are many reasons. I honestly didn’t fully realize the truth behind food additives and commercial foods till very recently, although I knew about them on the surface for a long time. It wasn’t until I started reading food blogs that I really got myself in the right mindset. About the time I started reading food and health blogs, I read the book “The Kind Diet.” While this book focuses on veganism, it taught me a lot about food in general. I am not vegan, but I have done a vegan challenge before which allowed me to notice how much dairy I really eat on a daily basis.

Over the weeks, I realized how bad processed foods are – white sugar and flour. Ever since it got stuck in my head, I’ve been focusing on not using these ingredients for myself. I find that every time I eat something processed, something with a lot of white sugar, it never fills me up. I will be hungry again almost immediately. My stomach will not notice the natural fullness feeling I would otherwise feel if I was eating unrefined foods. This became especially noticeable for me on the day I made chocolate pb&j cupcakes for my ex-roommates graduation. While I was excited I found a way to get rid of some of the refined flour and sugar which I wasn’t normally using, I absolutely had some of the outcome. The outcome was good… However I had one and a half of cupcakes. It didn’t fill me up. I wanted more food. I went for a panini but I also started craving something salty. An hour after, I started craving something sweet again. This time I decided to have some chocolate-covered yogurt bites. So good. Healthier, this time. But while the cravings lessened, some still remained. It was a huge struggle to resist all night. Really difficult. I’m entirely sure that these refined processed cupcakes were the culprit to awakening my cravings. I knew this is why. In addition, I felt tired and groggy. My joints hurt. Coincidence? Or am I just noticing this now?

I’m happy that I realize that this is a problem. I’m glad that I understand the causes of the cravings. And this serves as reinforcement for continuing my clean and healthy eating habits. I never want to have such strong cravings again – they are destructive and they are horrible when it comes to returning back on track afterwards. I will make sure to resist temptations and will make sure not to indulge in processed foods very often, only on special occasion when there aren’t any healthier options. I just can’t wait to get rid of my white four and sugar. I don’t want to throw it out though… What to do, what to do?

Remember how much I raved about the Balance Bars in my Energy Bar Wars post? Yeah, I’m such a huge fan. I think these bars are actually my favorites. But I had no idea that the Balance Bar came out with a new line – Balance Bar BARE. Because I was already a fan of the original bars, I was super excited to try these babies out.

Similarly to their original bars, these go along with their 40-30-30 model – 40% healthy carbs, 30% quality protein, and 30% dietary fat (% of total calories). This model helps stabilize blood sugar levels, satisfy hunger and provide energy. The flavor I got to try, Blueberry Acai, are their newest flavor addition. The bar has 200 calories and has wholesome ingredients and is sweetened with organic agave and brown rice syrups.

Let’s bite into it, shall we? The bar has a yogurt bottom and an oat top. Some of the top crumbled off, with some oats falling off – I see this as a good sign. This shows me that this is a natural bar, made with truly real ingredients rather than getting slathered in some binding agent. The flavor is mild but prevalent. The blueberry flavor is subtle but noticeable. The texture is in between chewy and texturized. It has a nice sweet taste which isn’t overpowering.

PS. I approached the company, not the other way round.

PROBAR Fruition Superfood Snack Review & Giveaway!

I have something totally awesome to talk about today with you lovelies. Well, I just got a package full of awesomeness. What, you might ask? It’s the PROBAR Fruition Superfood snacks. Since I’ve been on an energy bar kick lately, this one is perfect. It’s actually much different from any other bars I have tried. This one is a fruit one, rather than the typical cookie/cake/PB ones that you see most commonly. Change is good. It has also recently been awarded the “Healthy Food Award” as packaged foods by Prevention Magazine.

Let’s talk more about the bars.. PROBAR has been on a mission to move away from gluten products as much as possible, therefore they introduced a new line of gluten-free bars – Fruition. They describe Fruition as a fruit-dense, superfood snack bar (~150 calories). Fruition is designed to deliver 1 serving of fruit in every bar and is built from a 100% vegan, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free medley of dates, oats, chia seeds, and cashews.

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