Greek Frozen Yogurt Chia Truffles (Guest Post by Free Spirit Eater)

Today I have a special guest on my blog, Kym from an awesome healthy eating blog Free Spirit Eater. She and I decided to do a recipe swap of sorts by using one of our recipes as inspirations. I was inspired by her awesome rice pudding cheesecake and created a similar one but different… I decided to switch some ingredients around and played around with the prep a bit differently. I created a Rice Pudding Protein Cheesecake with Berry Chia Jam. Check out my recipe on her blog here and let me know what you think.

Anyway, I’m letting Kym take over from here. Don’t drool too much!…..

Hello there lovers of food, seekers of the next tastiest item to devour in seconds and coo over for days. My name is Kym. I am the author of Free Spirit Eater, the blog devoted to all things food, writing, fitness and photography. Nothing is off limits and my recipes portray that.

Once upon a time I graduated from culinary school and began cooking in professional kitchens in NYC and NJ. I stepped foot into the food writing biz by starting my food blog, then branching out to reviewing restaurants, developing recipes and taking photos along the way. My love for photography has branched out from just food to events, lifestyle, fashion, fitness and boudoir to name a few.

My recipes are usually on the low calorie side, satisfying and guilt free versions of some of my favorite foods or just experiments gone right. But Kamila and I are swapping recipes and I happened to be in a bit of an indulgent mood. So when trying to recreate her Chocolate Chia Pudding with my own twist, I added a bit of some childhood favorites into my dessert. But by shaping them into bite sized truffle pieces I can practice portion control while enjoying the melt in your mouth feeling from the gooey morsels.

I had been curious about trying Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt. So I purchased a pint of their strawberry shortcake flavor, crushed up some pretzels, smoked almonds, chia seeds, semi sweet chocolate chips and a splash of coconut milk. The tartness of the Greek frozen yogurt was made even more subtle by the coconut milk, and the addition of the almonds added a pleasantly smoky surprise. The chia seeds add a tiny pop when bit into with the pretzels and chocolate chips. For the final touch I melted some chocolate and made bite sized frozen yogurt treats.

Thank you so much Kamila for allowing me to guest post and taking the time to guest post on my site as well. Enjoy!”

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Five Things Friday

1. My photography showcase for RAW Artists went great last night. However, I didn’t get the memo about being able to bring as many pieces as we wanted – I only brought 5 and ended up having the least amount of stuff out of all artists. Some people had like 20 pieces! I wish I knew. Oh well. I will post official photos from the event once I get them from the event photographer 🙂

2. I am so glad for being an email subscriber to Artizia – they’ve sent me info on their secret sale on brands that never go on sale. Amazing deal. I was excited and I walked out with a bag of some fun new summer clothes.

3. Forever Yogurt, a local self-serve froyo shop in Chicagoland, has introduced a Greek Yogurt flavor! I am so excited! The one I tried was blackberry flavor, it was delicious. I love that they are introducing even more healthier options to their self-serve menu.

4. Reading bar bathroom scribbles is hilarious. It always gives me a good laugh.

5. Chalean Extreme’s Lean Month (month #3) is so freaking extreme I LOVE it! So many muscle groups are being targeted at once, I’ve been feeling so sore. So glad I’m at the final stretch, I’m loving this one the most.

PS. Don’t forget to enter in my giveaway for TFX nonstick reusable parchment paper!

What I Ate Wednesdays #9: Calm before the NATO storm

Thank GOD I decided on leaving my apartment in downtown Chicago on Saturday. I knew the city would become chaotic because of the NATO summit. I’m not gonna talk much about what happened over there. I don’t have an opinion on NATO matters and the protests that were taking place. I’m simply not aware enough of what is going on. I don’t even really know what it is the NATO does. All I think about this, or rather, what I wonder about is – with the technology we have today, why on earth do the world leaders still have to MEET UP in person to discuss their issues?

Personally, I think it’s for publicity. I think it’s to show the public that they do have the power over everything. With the technology we have today, I’m sure they all talk and do conferences online with crazy high tech web cams already. A “summit” shouldn’t even be necessary. It only causes chaos and a reason for distress and for people to protest.

Also, the news and everyone has been so “ready” for the protests, I feel like doing that is a form of self-fulfilling prophecy – the protests are made to be seen as appropriate and expected, therefore of course they will happen. Being “prepared and ready” so publicly for protesters is like a way for the world to know that it’s okay to protest and it’s expected. I feel like if nothing was to be said about it ahead of time, the protests wouldn’t have been as large as they have been. Although, I don’t know much about the protesters either. Again, just personal opinion. I don’t know much. So yeah. If you know more and wanna share, you’re welcome to.

Thanks again to Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting this awesome weekly event 🙂

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