Beet & Tomato Spring Salad

My mom is a great cook. But a thing I really love is that she makes her recipes healthy, like me. In fact, she’s the person where I got my healthy living inspiration from. She’s the one that taught me to appreciate whole and clean foods. So she rocks, pretty much.

She made this salad and it’s delicious. She always throws just a bunch of random stuff together in a bowl and it always makes a delicious salad. Might as well give her the credit and share this recent one with you guys.

She was making beet soup (my favorite) and we had some beets left over. Perfect idea for a salad add-in, no?
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Tuna Kefir Salad (high protein)

Lately, Tuna Kefir Salad has been frequenting my dinner option. I’ve posted about it before in my WIAW and Instagram multiple times but I thought I’d share exactly what it is I put into it. This is a super quick, easy, and filling salad with a big pow of protein!

I’ve been eating a lot more veggies lately and I love it. I’ve been going through two bags of spring mix and spinach in only a couple of days! I feel that when I eat more veggies throughout the day, I feel better and lighter and end up eating less calories than I would otherwise. It’s a win-win!

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