Happy Chocolate Day & Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies Review

Happy National Chocolate Day! Such a lovely day to celebrate… Here are some of the chocolate recipes I’ve done in the past:

Check out all of my chocolate recipes here! I use chocolate a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Yes, I am a huge fan of chocolate.

And thank you for continuing with the entries for my Arctic Zero giveaway. If you win that one, your freezer will welcome 8 pints and 8 bars of this delicious low calorie and high protein frozen dessert. Pictured above is the chocolate peanut butter Arctic Zero flavor topped with two Enjoy Life’s double chocolate crunch cookies. Which are the topic of today’s post. Well not those specific cookies but just the crunch cookies in general.

I got to try out¬†Enjoy Life Foods¬†crunchy cookies. Truth be told, I haven’t had cookies in a long time. Not the packaged kind. If I’m to have cookies, I’ll bake them myself or I’ll go for ones that are freshly baked in a bakery or whatever. Which isn’t often anyway. It used to be often, but I’ve tamed myself when it comes to processed and packaged foods. However, these cookies don’t necessarily make me concerned or guilty when eating them (as opposed to bakery goods or other store bought goods).

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