Chunky Monkey Protein Shake (vegan)

I am all for protein shakes, I love ’em! I might sometimes even drink them as dessert. Tehe.

If you are a peanut butter fan, you will love this shake. It has a very predominant peanut butter flavor with subtle hints of banana. I didn’t taste very much chocolate, even though I used dutch chocolate whey protein powder (not vegan) , but you can always add cocoa powder in there if you so desire, for a more complex flavor.

Truth be told, I don’t think I’m PB fanatic enough to make this my daily protein shake, especially if I was to add 2 Tbsp of peanut flour. I prefer a more delicate peanut flavor, so I opt for using only 1 or 1 and a half Tbsp of peanut flour. But a larger amount is nice once in a while when I’m intensely craving peanut butter. Normally though, I prefer my chocolate flavors πŸ˜‰ I know a lot of you PB fans will love this though!

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Reese’s Overnight Oats (high protein)

I loved these because of how creamy they turned out. I made them before and I had to write down the exact proportions because of how well they turned out. Now I made these again last night but I ran out of almond milk! So I improvised and used some of the nonfat kefir I had in the fridge.Β The original written down recipe calls for 2/3 cup almond milk so you can try it either the original way or the way I’ve written it down in the recipe. Both results in creamy delicious oaty goodness. Mmmm.

My preference is for multi grain hot cereal rather than Old Fashioned oats simply because they have less calories. But then again they are also tastier, there is more of a complex flavor to them. But both kinds will work here, of course.

I was actually surprised how much these overnight oats truly taste like a peanut butter cup. But better! Because it’s healthier, fills you up more, packed with protein, not much sugar, AND it’s creamy (who doesn’t like creaminess?). These proportions are much recommended.

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Chocolate PB Protein Pudding

I randomly made this. I didn’t realy know what to expect out of it but oh man, I have been addicted to this creation ever since. It works especially well with the chocolate zucchini protein mini muffins I made a while back (yeah, I’m only now finishing them – the beauty of baking and cooking for one person).

I don’t usually like eating muffins or anything alone. I felt like these muffins definitely needed something on the side. I ate it with plain yogurt a few times but I ran out of yogurt and purchased organic kefir recently so I thought I would use that.

The consistency of kefir by itself is pretty liquidy and it was too liquidy for me to use as a dip for the muffins. So I thought I should thicken it up. Plus, since I always get the plain flavored ones, flavoring it up wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Out came this addicting delicious pudding. Packed with protein. So good!

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Chocolate PB&J Cupcakes (vegan)

My roommate is graduating and moving out! So sad 😦 Although I’ve only known her for a semester, I know I’m going to miss her so much. She was a great roommate and an awesome friend – we all hung out together all the time and had a blast.

I noticed that she is all about Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches. She eats them basically everyday. So I thought, why not make her cupcakes? I’m looking for opportunities to bake for others so I can get rid of all of the AP flour and granulated processed sugar I have. I don’t want to use it for myself since I’ve shifted toward more wholesome and cleaner foods. So this was a perfect opportunity.

The cupcakes are actually, accidentally, vegan! My first time making vegan cupcakes and they turned out much different than I expected. The texture was different from a regular cupcake but none of the flavor was sacrificed. The cupcake is a perfect combination of peanut butter and jelly flavors along with deep chocolate. The cupcake part is much more moist and soft than I expected but that makes this dessert taste even more sinful – delicious delight. Good thing I didn’t make a lot cause otherwise I would definitely have had more than one.

CONGRATULATIONS to my gorgeous roommate, Joline! She will knock em dead in DC! I know it.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

I’m in a rush today, I just got home from class and I have to leave again to meet my mom and go to my boyfriend’s apartment. I had a few minutes to spare though and I’m craving chocolate so I decided to make a little quick single serve dessert.

The topping kind of looks like an egg, but no worries that is just greek yogurt and a dollop of peanut butter!

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Peanut Butter Cups [No Sugar Added]

Today was my weight training day and I am almost done with week 1 of Chalean (I would have been done with the whole program by now, I think, if I didn’t decide to start over). I up my protein intake more on weigh training days although I incorporate protein in every meal no matter what day it is. Today, I decided to use the coconut oil and peanut butter I bought yesterday. This is my first time using coconut oil for anything! Also, I am usually not a big fan of peanut butter (I prefer almond butter) but I saw this reduced calorie peanut butter at Trader Joe’s called Better’n Peanut Butter and decided to give it a try. 100 calories for 2 Tbsp? Can’t beat that. It doesn’t even taste any different from regular PB from what I can tell. I don’t eat PB a lot like I said so I could be wrong, I don’t have much to compare it to haha.

Nut butter and chocolate is a great combination and these cups are completely sugar free! They turned out pretty bitter which I’m totally into, but of course you can add some sweetener if you like it sweeter. They are also no-bake. All you need is your freezer. Easy and healthy? Awesomeness. Plus there is an added bonus of this treat being high in protein! Perfect for an after-workout snack.

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