Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Pudding Filling and Chocolate Frosting (low calorie!)

Happy Father’s Day!

My dad is a huge fan of cream-based desserts. He loves all of those creamy fattening desserts such as eclairs, but is a sucker for Wuzetka, which is a Polish cake that has chocolate cake layers on top and bottom and in the middle it’s a very thick cream. He always buys that cake when they go grocery shopping in Polish deli stores. My mom hatess it. The cake is so fattening and it doesn’t really even taste all that good when it’s made in a store anyway. The way we remember it, from Poland, was much much better. Especially when it’s homemade.

Well I totally went off track. I’m not even making this cake for Father’s day. I don’t think my culinary experience is high enough to tackle this just yet. One day though, I might. A healthier version, of course. So for today, the cupcakes I made (of course it’s cupcakes, of course, haha) were inspired by Wuzetka.

It’s a deep chocolate cupcake with a homemade vanilla pudding filling and a chocolate frosting. While this dessert looks and tastes completely sinful, it really isn’t! Healthy chocolate frosting tastes just as good as the butter laden one, if not better, and it definitely makes you feel better about eating it guitlessly. The delicious creamy pudding filling is a wonderful contrast to the deep chocolatey cupcake. The outcome is simply wonderful.

Not one person could tell this cupcake had such incredible stats. A cupcake that has 4g of sugar? And only 120 calories for such an amazingly sinful-tasting treat! How’s that for “indulge without the bulge”?!

Now this is my take on a cream dessert – make cupcakes, and make them healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

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Happy Mother’s Day – Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes with Red Wine Buttercream Frosting

First of all, I’d like to wish every mother out there Happy Mother’s Day! I know you put so much work and effort into raising your children and I want to say a big thank you, for putting up with us throughout the years! Also, I wish happiness to all of the women out there that want to be mothers or were going to be mothers.. sometimes things happen, but it’s the feeling! You still get to celebrate mother’s day! Thank you for being you! You are all wonderful women, inside and out!ย This post is dedicated to my own mother, Renata. I love her so much. I seriously don’t know what I would do without her. I can’t imagine life without her – she’s a dear friend and a wonderful mother.

So then, I wanted to make her something special. While we all try to be healthy, we take some days “off” and celebrate with non-healthy options, unfortunately. I guess it’s okay to indulge sometimes though, right? Still better than buying completely processed foods! Even if your own baked good or dessert isn’t the healthiest, at least you know exactly what goes in it – because you are the one that made it! So I got to thinking… my mother loves to drink red wine. I love to make cupcakes as a celebration (because they are just so cute and fun!) so why not combine the two? That’s exactly what I did.

I did not come up with these recipes – I didn’t even want to try to change these recipes up, I’m not experienced enough to do that just yet. So they haven’t been changed from the original. The outcome is wonderful. It is perfect for any red wine drinker!

The cake part tastes primarily of chocolate, with a nice deep flavor, but finishes with a subtle wine flavor kick. It leaves a wine taste in your mouth. Together with the red wine buttercream frosting, the wine flavors are even more pronounced and create a deliciously sinful dessert – a chocolate red wine cupcake with red wine buttercream frosting. It tastes just as elegant as it sounds.

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Hard Cider Cinnamon Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche filling and Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting

Ahhh, today was most definitely a cheat day. I have been waiting for this day all week! I can’t say my cheat days are always on Thursdays, I don’t keep a definite schedule, but whenever I feel like it’s okay to indulge, I will do so. I refuse to live a restrictive lifestyle, that is no way to live. Not to mention is that not livable for the long-term. So indulge, my friends, indulge! My mom came to visit me in the city today and it was pretty exciting because she has never seen my apartment since I’ve moved in. I’m always the one to come home to the suburbs so she has never my place. It’s a dorm but it’s an apartment so it’s nice. She liked it. She also helped with today’s baking extravaganza. It was great. It’s really helpful to have an extra set of hands especially since I don’t have a stand mixer and it’s a drag to fill piping bags with frosting by myself. It can get messy. Oh, she also surprised me by buying me a little piping bag set with three different heads! It was so awesome, the cupcakes look better already! Can’t wait to learn some more piping techniques too. In time, my friends.

Anyway, as you could see from my recent Trader Joe’s shopping trip, I bought a 6 pack of hard cider. I thought I should use it creatively and bake with it as well. Screw the fact that it’s not the season for cider baking. I wanted a hard cider cupcake and I was gonna make some, darn it! I also love doing cupcakes with fillings since my Guinness & Bailey’s cupcakes and I find regular non-filling cupcakes boring. I thought dulce de leche would be perfect for a filling for hard cider cupcakes. Who doesn’t love dulce de leche? It’s like heaven on earth. I think dulce de leche is actually BETTER than chocolate. Scratch that, I KNOW it is better than chocolate. It’s just heavenly. Anyways, here’s the recipe. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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