Some of my unconventional reasons to Get Fit

First things first… I created a NEW fanpage! I decided to keep my photography fanpage separate and created a Sensual Appeal Blog fanpage that will deal only with food, health, wellness, and fitness related posts. So PLEASE like it if you have a Facebook, that would mean a lot to me 🙂

So getting healthy and getting in shape is a pretty common occurance and goal among people. And we all know the basic reasons for it: so I can look better and be happier with my body. I decided to take a look at this a bit more and break up some of the reasons for getting healthy and fit into a more unconventional goals (some of them) but then some regular goals. Either way, there wasn’t a whole lot of thinking going on here, but just stuff that sometimes goes through my head relating to getting fit and in shape but I just never actually wrote them out before. So here goes:

  • So that everyday I wake up feeling happy and excited to workout.
  • To no longer have any sick/lazy/blah days.
  • To live till I’m 100 years old.
  • To start craving exercise like some people crave chocolate.
  • So people are able to tell right off the bat that I work out and have muscle in my body.
  • To inspire others to get healthy and active, that anything is possible.
  • Do a silhouette photoshoot with ME as the model.
  • To be considered as the “fit girl” in the group, instead of the “chubby” or “average” girl.
  • Not have to be embarrassed to go to the beach/pool and gladly take all of the layers of clothing off while stunning everyone around by the amazing body that you have.
  • So I can get a fitness instructor certification for boxing/pilates/yoga.
  • Do the P90x program again but this time giving it my all. And get a free shirt for completing it 😉
  • Finish Insanity DVDs and get the Insanity shirt.
  • Wear crop top shirts so I can show my belly button ring and tattoos.
  • Wear short shorts without being afraid my thighs will jiggle as I walk.
  • Be able to wear a shirt like this or this when working out without feeling weird. (photo of Powercakes)
  • Be able to sing “Sexy and I know it” out loud without feeling like people are looking at you like “Yeah, okay, I’m SURE you workout….” Which also goes along with wearing a shirt like this.
  • Go to the gym during rush times and do chin ups and tricep dips with ease, as it shocks the men in the weights section.
  • Get gorgeous shoulders so I am able to wear tube tops/dresses.
  • Be one of those girls at music festivals. As much as they annoy me, they also make me jealous of their bodies. Shit, I’d show it off too if I had a body like that! And I was still young. And drunk.
  • Go to a Health/Fitness Blogger Retreat and be eager to do all the crazy workouts because I know I won’t be dead afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Some of my unconventional reasons to Get Fit

  1. I like that you have other reasons besides wanting to be healthy. I never admit to people that a lot of the reasons I work out is to look good and show it off and I’m glad you put it out there honestly 🙂

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